Little Things 76 : Little Happiness

I think being happy is over-rated. You can create little happiness and appreciate it instead of waiting for huge ' never-ending happiness' people keep on talking about. Imagine happiness is money. Being a billionaire is like reaching the 'never-ending happiness' , but for most people, having money for day-to-day life is actually enough, and that's little happiness people are not aware off. So instead of pushing yourself to be a billionaire, you can just appreciate what you currently have. 

It's the same as being happy. You don't actually have to reach a certain amount of happiness to say you have fulfilled your life as a human. As well as you don't have to be a billionaire to prove that you have successfully lived a life.

3 comments on "Little Things 76 : Little Happiness "
  1. Hyee I love your artwork ! You inspired me sooo much ! Terima kasih :D I'm definitely following ur blog :E