Little Stories 49 : Ribut Petang

It started to rain heavily, once I arrived at the station. Thankfully I brought my umbrella along. I had to fight the rain and wait at the bus station instead, because the bus wont stop at where I was standing. 

There were no longer little puddle of water, there was a rain-made river along the road, which I had to go through. I looked at the little river for several seconds, considering I had to dip in my favorite shoe in the ankle-high water. "This would be the end of it", I whispered, and walk through it.

We were huddled together at the little bus stop. The rain got really bad. People in the first line created a wall using their umbrella, trying our best to lessen the possibility of getting fully drenched. Most buses left us, turning off the service label atop of the bus. 


Almost 2 hour later, I was finally around my house. It was supposed to be hari pasar. But the road was almost dark. I hurriedly walked towards it. Before long, I saw broken branches along the road, a little burger stall near the bus stop fall down and I saw so many pau and breads, laying on the road. 
Oh, the rain attacked those little stalls. 
Half of them packed up their things and left, leaving all things that can't be saved.
Survivors were still patiently waiting for customers.


I can't believe I complained on the hot weather at the lab earlier, when I was working in far much comfortable environment compared to those unfortunate hawkers. 

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