Instagram : Maddie on Things

I found and interesting and funny instagrammer, "thiswildidea" featuring a dog : Maddie the Coonhound by Theron Humphrey! I love how Maddie closes its eyes and stands so nicely in each photo. Maddie surely got great balance. Maddie even got its own book published, you can buy it here.

I wish Awan loves to be photographed, but - Nope. 

3 comments on "Instagram : Maddie on Things"
  1. gile stable anjing ni.

    muka dah pasrah je, hahaha

  2. Layan je kerenah tuan dia kan :D

  3. Mak oi, baiknya.

    Kalau arwah Abu ada lagi pastu orang buat camni, dia cakar je.. XD