I want to share one of my most favorite daily website. It is definitely not Youtube, *that is too common, I hardly use Youtube due to their non-stop ads. It's Grooveshark !

I am not sure whether it is legal to share songs in there. Some sites/opinions said that it is legal, some said it is not. Anyhow, I don't recommend you to upload songs that is not originally yours. I use Grooveshark to listen to songs and find new songs.

The best part about Grooveshark :

1) Huge list of songs.
2) Their intelligent song matching - based on what you recently listen to, they will give you song recommendation and I found so many great singer and songs from here! I don't listen to current popular songs, and most of the time my range of music genre is a bit off from the mainstream. Grooveshark is a great platform.
3 ) Create your own playlist. Here is an example of my playlist called " Wandering Soul " - I imagine going to far places and listen to all these comforting songs. My personal digital mixed tape. *PS : It's rather dreary tho. Plus "Wandering Soul" make me think of white-vapoury lost soul that keep on wandering - but I don't want to change it !  

PS : If I really like the song, I'll buy it from iTunes, that way, I'll keep on supporting the artist's effort. I don't do illegal song downloads, I hope you don't too ! :D

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