Little Things 58 : Faith

I personally think quantity does not equal to the truth, as well as a status,  an attire, a qualification, an outward appearance, and such. 

I hope to see beyond those words shared by people. 

A man wearing a 'kopiah', with long beard and gives Islamic talks thousand times does not make him any more Muslim than someone who feed famished street dogs, IF he does not utilize and understand his knowledge.

Why everyone is sharing those quotations? Because it came from a well-known person? Did anyone realized how very unthoughtful and mean those quotations were? And they claimed under the name of my faith? That's absurd. 
And a friend answered :
Well, very few people can see beyond things shown. Lucky for those who can see, and for those who can't, that, we cannot do anything. We claim to believe in the same God, but every people got their own way in believing it. It does not matter if it's different, it is not you who can judge whether what they do, or what you do is the right way. That, solely on God's decision. You just do what you believe is right, and hopefully you are on the right path. 

So what should I do? 
Ignore those sites , blogs, stop following their twitter, hide certain friend's status in Facebook, in hope of finding serenity in what I believed in and to  avoid feeling troubled by everything. 
3 comments on "Little Things 58 : Faith"
  1. just read it for reading purpose, i think social network is a medium to talk behind people..but sharing it to the world... that's just sick..

    diorg post mesti sebab ade tak puas hati* ( i just think so )