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For the Beijing trip last week, I am doing a homework on China. I found my National Geographic : China , Inside the Dragon Special Issue from my book shelf. I once read the magazine and failed to take any interest on the subject, now that I've set my foot to the land of old civilization, I can finally connect those dots. 

I am learning about my root. 


Suddenly, a friend in Facebook also posted a status :

China claims world's longest high-speed rail line, takes travelers 1,428 miles in a workday.

Read more here. 1,428 miles = 2298 km , with 865 Yuan = RM 424 , from Beijing to Guangzhou.


Suddenly China starting to dance around me. Those days fighting extreme coldness and odd foods, just starting to make more sense. China was not really a place in my wish list. When a chance came, I just grabbed it without thinking twice. I even warned my brother on the state of the cold weather and how I will handle it. On the first 3 days, I whined to my brother a lot about the weather ! I was the annoying whiner, not him. Surprisingly he became much more mature while traveling. 

Truth to be told, I told him that I will not set foot in Beijing for the next 15 years, especially in winter. Days later, after coming back home, those thoughts vaporized and new ideas came. 

I got a thing with train and bus rides. 
High-speed train or not, 2298 km on the train sounds terrifyingly romantic than candle light dinners in a fine restaurant.

Except in winter.

And for that, I rest my case. 


I'll share this soon.

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  1. hahaha mmg sejuk!!!! pakai baju belapis lapis pun tak jalan.. we had to put heat packs in our pockets and sometimes in our shoes :P