Little Story 28 : Taxi

As I sat in a taxi yesterday, the old Chinese taxi driver asked me :

TaxiDriver : Do you smell durians? 
Me : Well, no. Why ? 
TaxiDriver : Yesterday it rained. A customer wanted to bring in the durians that he bought. I wanted to say no. You know how it is, rain plus air-cond , in a car. The smell will stick. Foreigner will complain. It is not good for me.  
Me : Well, it smells nice, uncle. 

Both of us remained silent. You know those awkward silence when you don't know whether to continue talking or not. So I asked him, trying to maintain the conversation that usually I don't know how to keep up. 

Me : You don't like durian? 
TaxiDriver : No, no, I do ! I love durians. 
I don't know how to respond afterwards. I was just silently hoping that he wouldn't ask me whether I like durians or not.

Because I don't.


A taste I failed to understand even how many times I tried. 

2 comments on "Little Story 28 : Taxi"
  1. I don't eat durian either... It's quite odd how people make it feel like I'm less Malaysian if I don't like durian.

    We're a rare species.

  2. Yeah! Found a new gang here! Say NO to Durian! Hahahaha :)