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Another movie made to make human stop and think for a while. After so many movie genres that keep on giving human a distraction from thinking, here comes : Looper. A movie that gave me some minutes to ponder. There will be spoilers in this post, so you should watch the movie before you come back to this post. So if you watched this movie and want to read my thoughts on this movie, click on the link below !


Although the background was painted with futuristic sci-fi elements, it managed to portray basic human essences in the movie. Whether you are here, now, or 40 years in the future, human are still human. I made a list of what I saw and thought by seeing this movie :

On survival
Everyone fights for their life. The hero did his job : kill people from the future, without feeling any remorse just for the money and the life he wanted to live in. He didn't think twice. He wanted to survive, life was ugly enough to care for other things.
He betrayed his friend so he can live. 
He betrayed himself from the future, so that he can live right now in the present, "This is my life now, you had yours". 

On being loyal
Again with the situation when he was forced to tell about his friend's whereabout, a choice that was given : all your saving or your friend? At that point, his loyalty was tested. Who would blame him? He was being human. When given that choice to choose, he asked himself, is it worth it?

On sacrifices and love
A mother that fought her life to save her son, knowing her son is the future killer. 
A mother worked in a club so that she can take care of her child. 
A man willing to kill innocent kids to save the future with his wife, and he is the same man that brutally killed so many people in his past live without any guilt. 
The hero sacrificed and killed himself, to save a future of a young boy : and this came from a man that was selfish enough to hunt himself down so that he can live in the present. How he changed from being completely selfish to a hero.

On recovery
A killer and a drug addict that managed to cleanse himself up and recover. 
Even how low you have fallen, you can recover, if you just give yourself a chance. Ask for help, and let yourself trust someone.

On possibilities and hope
This is the biggest message I received in this movie. 
When the point where the older Joe wanted to kill the future rain-maker, but pointed the gun to the boy's mom instead, and younger Joe's thought filled the screen on the possibilities of what might happen : Sara killed, the boy ran, the boy's life will be filled with revenge and self-blame for what had happened and this will cause the boy to eventually be the rain-maker in the future and hunt down all the loopers, just like how it was predicted.
Instead, the hero changed the game. He sacrificed and killed himself, older Joe won't be there if he is killed in the present, Sara is saved, the boy is saved, and the future is painted on a new canvas. 
The possibilities and hopes arise. 
There was a scene when Sara was trying to explain about the boy's condition to Joe and defensively she said that she can change it. She can teach the boy about love and life, and make him learn to control his power so that he won't be a killer in the future. 
The possibility of how the present can change the future completely.

It was in a way, telling me that what I am doing right now, can change my future.
There are always hopes and possibilities.


How can I not like this movie?

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  1. The cast is great, especially JGL who has been having a stellar career so far, but the plot it what really kept me interested as it continued to throw twist-after-twist at me, without any confusion whatsoever. It’s a great sci-fi flick that actually makes sense. Good review Azreen.

  2. Well thank you Dan.
    I read your review too :)

    Watched Equilibrium too, several months ago and I loved the message it brought. I thought about doing a review on that but haven't got the words down.