Little Thing 38 : iPhone 5

I am an Apple user. 
I use many Apple products daily, from the littlest ipod shuffle to an iMac. Yesterday, Apple introduced the latest iPhone 5. If I haven't bought iPhone 4s early this year, I might be stumbling on Apple's website everyday just to pamper my eyes. 

But the thing is, I bought my iPhone 4s , eight months ago. It is still shiny, still new, and still scratch free. It delivers great job in promoting my works, keep in touch with people, snap memories and ideas, keep me entertained, and help me in my daily life. I love it. 

I've tried Blackberry, and Samsung, but they can never make me feel satisfied as much as an iPhone did. I don't mind really, on who got the better camera, or the bigger screen with clear pictures. It is not a childish competition on comparing who is better. 

Technology runs fast, so stop comparing.

This post is just a personal thoughts after hearing many childish mouth fights over smartphones. I wouldn't mind much if you just stop teasing my choice :D

2 comments on "Little Thing 38 : iPhone 5"
  1. we just need to satisfy our own needs. Doesnt need to listen on what other says. Totally agree with this post! :)