Little Stories 21 : Drawing Human

Situation 1 :

Anon : Why do you like to draw girls? You fancy girls is it?
Me : No ! Girls are easier to draw, their feminism is easy to portray.
Anon : No.. I know you fancy girls. *wide smile*
Me : ....

Situation 2 :

Anon : Why do draw so many human?
Me : I don't know, I usually doodle without planning anything.
Anon : You know, all your drawings will haunt you when you die.
Me : No.. They won't.
Anon : "Reen-chan, Reen-chan, give me a lifeeee~!". *wide smile*
Me : ....

2 comments on "Little Stories 21 : Drawing Human"
  1. Reen,yg sitaution 2 tu pernah dgr.kecik2 dulu kalu nk lukis mesti nk letak x dekat leher tu.
    Tah pape..hihi

    Your doodle sgt osem..

  2. Haha, my mom said the same thing, Naema ! :D