Travel : Bag & Things I Bring



When I go to places, it is important for me to bring proper bag. Not too large or heavy, not too small or packed. It is safest and convenient for me to use sling bag. Why?

1. Position.
You can put your sling bag upfront, if you feel insecure with your surrounding, or at your side, or even sling it to your backside. You can also sling it across your body, so it is hard for people to snatch it from you. 

2. Size
It is not too big, not too small. 
As long as I can put my books or water bottle in there.

3. Fabric
I hate PVC, or fake leather. They don't last long. Once, I bought fake leather sling bag and it lasted for only 2 weeks before it started to peel off. 
So, it's either leather, or fabric. 


So, things that I bring while on the road :

I am not much of a girly type, so I don't wear make-ups. It saves a lot of space too. 
There will be : 

*must bring camera LX3, 
iPod - in case I got super bored along the way,
small sketch book, mechanical pencil & eraser,
money & card case,
little coin purse,
current book,
2 of my favorite lipbalm *cherry & vanilla,
oil control film - for my oily skin,
and my handsome tin soldier.

PS :
Tin soldier travelled to a lot of places with me 


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