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Early this week, I decided to reread Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. The book I got almost 11 years ago. It had turned blotchy brownish-yellow with old book's smell. It is wide opened in the middle, because the book's binding isn't as strong as before. In the first page, my mom's wrote :

I remembered the incident when I bought the book quite fondly because it was one of the good memories in my life. Things like that won't happen twice. I am not sure was it because of the whole family was there, after our movie's night at TGV, The Mines or was it because of my first ever expensive book I ever owned? Maybe both. 


My mom is the reason why I read so much, and the reason why I have so many book since my early age. She is supportive, even though she hardly read books with long writings. I used to have series of 5 Sekawan, Enid Blython's translated series. It used to cost RM3.90 each when I was in Primary School. It goes slowly to English books because of the story variation. My mom let me choose 1 book every month. I nagged her to let me wander alone in the bookstore while she went shopping so I can have longer time to chose book. 

I love the fact that she encouraged me to keep on reading. I love the fact that she never said no, when I asked for books. I love the fact that I got a couple of books as my birthday presents every year from my family, and I can put it in a line as I choose the book's turn to be read. I used to write a list of books that I would love to have. 

It's different now. I grew up, I have a decent job, I have my responsibilities to be taken care of. If I want a book, I'll replan my monthly money. If I want more than I should, I'll scrap from here and there. Years ago I wrote in my journal, asking myself whether one day I'll stop loving books. I was a bit worried. I guess I haven't changed a bit - at least that part where I play a role of a bookaholic. 

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  1. wow.. hi there booklover!! I love harry potter, it's my fave book since elementary school. And now I still reread some of them in long holiday heheh.. never stop loving book, It's such a waste :D