Save the Turtles!

Let's pledge to not consume turtle parts or eggs, and support amending Malaysian laws to fully ban the sale and consumption of all turtle eggs.

In Malaysia, we got 4 species of marine turtle : Green, Hawksbill, Leatherback and Olive Ridley Turtles. Even though turtles lay hundreds of eggs each season, only few of them survive :(

Nowadays turtles are near extinction. How sad :( Let's help the community, all you need to do is promise to yourself that you won't eat them, and you will try to help them in any ways possible. Your promise matters big time. 

Click here and make a pledge with me!

Turtle Sanctuary in Cherating Beach.


5 comments on "Save the Turtles!"
  1. Tu lah kaan.. Make a pledge today ya :D

  2. Yang belah kiri tu tengah tidur. Sambil terapung :D Langsung tak terjaga.

  3. yes! save the turtles for our future. =]