Little Stories 9 : Chewing Gum

This man loves to stick used chewing gum under random table. Every time he does that I felt a little annoyed.
He asked me :

Why does it matters? It is so small, no one cares.
I do. I tried to explain about why small things matter to everyone. IF we put 1,000,00 people with the same attitude together, the small problem will eventually turns into much bigger problem. Imagining much bigger picture will help, because we can't change everyone's attitude, we need to change ourselves first. It is the closest we can get to help anything. 

The small chewing gum, or the small tissue paper and candy wrapper, everything matters. It shows how you see and approach life, how you care about environment and how you tell yourself who you are. So it matters.

Because I see these little things and I care.


Several days later, we saw something on the roof top of his car. I asked him :

What is that? 
Later on, we found out that someone stuck used chewing gum on his car.
That is exactly what I was trying to explain to him before. Sometimes God gives you much clearer way to explain stuffs so you can see better, that is by metaphorically speaking : in your face!

Karma. Ha.


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