Little Stories 10 : In Numbers

I walked for 2km today to the nearest train station from the lab, in almost 20 minutes, burned about 30 calories *using an app called RunKeeper to track it. 

My iPod said "Low battery" twice while I was walking before it turned itself off.

I was thirsty for walking a bit too fast because I thought I'll take longer time to arrive to the destination. I was wrong, it was just 20 minutes and thank God I remembered to bring water.

I was drenched with sweat when I arrived at the train station, used my shillings from my heavy little shilling pouch to buy a ticket and waited.

I saw an old friend in the bus but failed to want to have any small talks. No I'm not married yet, and yes I just came home from work. I wore like this because this is what I wear to work. No I am not working in big fancy company so I don't really have to wear formal attire except for meetings. No I am not living with my family. Yes, they are fine.

Oddly I bought chips on my way home for the second time in this month. Odd because I don't really eat junk food for fun. I am social snack-eater. I usually eat snacks only while in social/siblings gatherings. So my craving for junk food can be considered as not normal.

Extra numbers :
It will cost RM 3 to arrive home from my lab if I choose to walk and ride public transportation from the lab - but it will take almost 2 hours.

Around RM 9 if I choose to ride the bus, take 2 trains, and a taxi - in around 1hour +.

RM 15 if I choose to use taxi's service + bus ride : but in only 1/2 hour.


Being Frank :
Can you pick me up today?

Can I not pick you up except if you are going to sleepover here?

I knew this day would come eventually. Okay.


Can you be my Carl today?

No Ellie, I can't. 

Self - reminder : 
Your shadow will always disappear in the dark.

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