Little Stories 8 : Voice

I knew since I was able to differentiate between voices a) that can sing and b) voices that can't, that I am categorized in the section b ) voices that can't sing. It is written all over me. So I hardly sing, well I don't actually sing at all except on Sunday morning when my mood is really good and I put on Neil Sedaka or Rod Steward so loud in my room before my sisters complain about it.

In my family, we are divided into 2 groups :

1) Good voice : My dad , Aja & Azura
2) Bad voice / Pretty Bad / Tune Deaf : My mom, Azmi, & I !

We took it well, we know we can't sing. It is just like someone who can't draw -  that is what I used to tell myself. It is not a 100% skill that we can learn. Singing is half skill, and half gift/talent. Some people are just born with it. 

Apparently I can't sing, and I am okay with that :D

PS : Last night 3 hours session with my siblings left me with sore throat. 


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