Review : Book Adaptation to Films

Last week I watched several book adaptations to movies. Those are :

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close
We Need to Talk About Kevin
The Invention of Hugo Cabret
The Hunger Game

I used to think Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer was an odd story, because I can't follow the storyline while reading it. It seemed a little bit jumpy and it was hard to imagine scenes when it didn't flow in a normal pace. But the movie was great and beautiful! I might tell people to just watch the movie instead of reading it. *and I did bought the book because of the nice illustration on the cover. Judged a book by it's cover? - failed.

Next, I watched We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver, *one of my highly rated book. The book started slow in the beginning, and it was a compilation of complicated words that had me check on my dictionary on every 2 pages read. I bought the book at MPH several years ago because I like the cover *again, and I felt intrigued  by the thickness and super small font size.  
The movie was downright BAD. I can't seem to find climax of the story, I didn't learned anything about any characters, I didn't know which part it focused on. When the book was good, the movie seemed surreal *in bad way. They failed to send any messages here and I felt frustrated. Because the book wasn't this bad! 

I've never read The Invention of Hugo Cabret. I saw the book at Popular but I haven't bought it yet. *in my wish list. I love the movie nonetheless! It was be-au-ti-ful ! I am serious. Machines were everywhere. The clocks, the robot which was called automata, and all those machinery things. I am definitely going to buy the book someday. And we will see how Brian Selznick created the written words for the book.

I had a hard time putting up words to write about Hunger Game. All in all, the movie was slow, half of the movie was to tell & explain everything about the game. In the other half was while they were in the game, but it wasn't much blood spilled as I thought it would be. So being in the game didn't seem like receiving death ticket that much. I suggest you to read the book instead of the movie.

PS -
Last week I watched a handful of movies and series while doodling.

2 comments on "Review : Book Adaptation to Films"
  1. I thought so for the Hunger Game. It happen to many films adapted from books. Thus making me depressed for watching the film.

    That's why I don't usually watch those films if I've read them.
    And if I don't read them yet, I'll watch the film first, so that it will be much more exciting when reading :D

    Books are the best for me ;)

  2. Right!
    I feel you. As an avid reader *shame on me for using that status - I haven't read any books that much.


    But some adaptations are pretty awesome. Take that big example of The Lord of the Ring trilogy. I've tried to read the book but I got bored after a few chapter. The movie, was great!

    Kan? Kan?