Random Thoughts.

This is one thing that I believe in.

When I want something, I'll work for it. I put my thoughts & efforts to achieve it. No matter what comes in my way. If something does comes in my way,  I'll put it on hold, or I'll do it anyway in little segments. 

I don't believe in blaming people on something that I choose not to do. I don't care if I am broken hearted, depressed, stressed up, too busy, no money, currently studying, exams, projects, being sick, no father, no parents, sick siblings, no skills, lazy, tired and several thousands excuses people made up. I don't care about those excuses. 

It's either you want it bad enough you'll find a way, or you just don't.

I've had it enough with people blaming other people for ruining their dreams. Those are just excuses. You can do it anyway. Believe me, you can. Sometimes people choose to be blinded by excuses. 

The worst is having to listen them blaming others.

Open your eyes and stop blaming others for your own weakness.

4 comments on "Random Thoughts."
  1. sometimes the dream is fade away when the time pass, and sometimes people just don't have a dream..

  2. ^o^ sometimes people just have great excuses to get their own pleasure..

  3. Usaha dan cuba sedaya upaya, tapi kalau sebanyak mana kita usaha, bila akhirnya tak dapat, jangan sedih dan kecewa, kerana sesuatu itu mungkin bukan jodoh/milik kita. Ini cuma untuk Azreen kurang rasa frust tu bila tak dapat benda :)