Art Friend.

One of my favorite art suppliers is Art Friend in The Garden! You can get quite a handful types of each things needed. Soooo many papers, so many canvases and colours everywhere. I am very thankful for having reachable art store to restock my things :D 

On my first trip to Singapore, I got a chance to visit Singapore's Art Friend at Bras Basah. *Basheer Singapore also located here at the Bras Basah's Complex. And many other little art stores. Lucky we walked around the hotel's area, or we wouldn't know such place :D


5 comments on "Art Friend."
  1. hai hi azreen.

    yes, its sooo lucky of u to b close to art supplies..not like me,...meh~ anyways, was wondering if u still up to supplying unfortunate ppl like me with artsupplies?

  2. so in love with art stuff,, cantik!

  3. ini kalau ada semua kat rumah ni meriah ni....

    test comment je ni..hehehe

  4. Dear Madam Waz,

    Of course! What do you need? :D