Little Things 14 : Book Addiction


I don't mind reading fictions, really. I am not sure of my sole purpose of reading stories that weren't true, created by writer all around the globe. My inability to read motivational books and non-fiction books give me a limitation. I can only focus on stories, because it goes well with my imagination, thus I can focus and read quite fast *which is really helpful.

Good books give lessons to learn, causes to fight for, thoughts to think about. It gives spark of wisdom, knowledge & experiences from others. Only, if you let yourself to look deep enough. Most good writers leave messages in their stories, that's your task to find them.

Read from Kathryn Stocket that wrote stories about black maids in 1962, see how she writes from the eyes of white people. Read books from Khaled Hosseini, on growing up in Afghanistan or Markus Zusak that wrote The Book Thief and reflecting Nazi's effects from the eye of death. Those are only man-made stories, but they leave give you new perspective to wonder upon. 

It is such a waste to let good books stoically in book stores, getting ready to extinct. So I keep on putting this much effort to buy books, read them, and pass them around later for others to read afterwards. Books are expensive. I've been around long enough to see the price goes up almost every year.

If I have enough money to open up a small library near my home, put all my books there to be shared, buy more books to be read, it would be a dream come true. A book clinic, to treat old books. A reading class, to teach kids, dyslexics and illiterates to read. 

I can't really convince everyone to start reading again, can I? Even a single long blog post than usual might be left unread. Amusing thought.


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