Random: Difficulty with Constant Reasoning.

Choosing a mobile phone has always been a difficult task for me since my early encounter with it. My mom usually pick one for me *easy way out. I've never been obsessed with mobile phone, nor I have any liking towards it.

I hardly pick up the phone when people call or reply to text messages, I usually left my phone on the table or in my room. Our relationship has been mutual. I use it when it is needed. *This has been a great issue between my friends, family and me. 

So when my 4 years old phone is starting to break down, I know it's time to change.  There is only one phone that I've been eyeing, and I admit, I've been lured to the sophisticated look & feel of  current smart phone : iPhone in particular. I hate to say this but, Samsung is a master of copycat and I don't want to get into the argument of who start it first. *I'm in love with Apple, no argument needed for this part.

But smart phones are overly expensive and my liking towards phone isn't as great as my liking towards cameras *that explains my Lumix LX3 & previous Nikon d40. I didn't even think twice when I've decided to buy those cameras. Hmph. 

Usually I work hard to buy things that I love *not being pampered by parents' money. But this time, it is so hard to buy it, even though I love it to the bits! I keep on doing reasoning over and over again. It's either iPhone or cheap normal phone that can be used only to communicate. No other smart phones or other fancy phones in my list.

So how? 
Cheap basic phone vs iPhone.

PS :
I did pros & cons list. But the problem is, when I like something, it will be glued strongly in my mind. Because I hardly like any particular things, so the tendency to own something that I like is quite strong.


Update :
I bought a Sony Ericsson mobile phone.
Smarter choice, without a smart phone.

Super Update :
I bought an iPhone anyway and gave the Sony Ericsson to my younger sister.
No, I'm not smarter in any way.

3 comments on "Random: Difficulty with Constant Reasoning."
  1. Cik reen, eheh.
    I opt to use a very simple phone, because i want to limit the usage of my phone just to text and to make a call.
    My current mobile phone is LG lollipop. I just bought it and have use it for less than a year because previously, i just use my bro's old phone (SE Walkman),a very simple phone. Everytime when I'm thinking on buying a new phone, I rather choose to use my bro's when he buys a new one. (he love to buys and changes phone, how luxury he is *roll eyes*).
    I don't really prefer a phone that multifuntionsss, as it will consume more battery usage. (Saya pemalas nak charge bateri kalu bateri da abes, sekian).
    I will use my iPod touch instead, if i wish to surf internet, act as my PDA, play games and stuffs.

    My current working life needs me to get connected thru internet on the go.
    And i think we share the same dilemma in buying a new phone, particularly smart phone. Iphone4 really sounds awesome to have in hand, but not really my preference at the moment since i already own an iPod Touch. I know there are differences between both of them, but still quite similar to compare.
    But i do welcome free iPhone!:p
    Currently eyeing for HTC, Blekberi....hmm yet, still don't know which phone to decide.

    Anyhoo, its merely my opinion. Other ppl still opt a multifunction/purpose phone, smart phone, but I love to have more than 1 gadget to handle with its own relevant purpose.
    To me, if have to buy a Blekberi for example, I will ask myself, what is the purpose of buying a Blekberi?(other than to make normal calls and text messages) To BBM? Whatsapp? Fb? Twitter? Etc. If YES, oh common,just use your laptop then. Bigger screen bla bla bla. Then, if there is another answer such as, I have to keep connected thru email or other work stuffs, then go for it, and this is the situation that I'm facing.

    I hope I help u, a bit. Pardon my english if it so carca marba, eheh.

    P/s: Oh btw, I am not an LG fan, but LG Lollipop is soooo tempting. I love the design, bcuz, i makes me feel soooooo japanese while using that phone. Hihihi :> OK lame, i know..

  2. Aha, thanks Mimi!

    Yeah, I dislike having to charge my phone daily too, and the price is overwhelming. Maybe I'll find a decent basic mobile phone, that will do.

    Having a 24/7 connection to the net will probably reduce my quality life. I'll stick to my macbook for that purpose, I guess.

    I'll buy an iPod touch when they have upgraded their lousy camera quality! *Aha! Flaws. iPhone has a really great camera compared to iPod's baaaad camera.