I have no idea how old Awan is.
I've lost count. It's over 5 months, if I'm not mistaken.

Last 2 weekends, Awan managed to yank out one of my Mac keyboard's button *the arrow to the right. And for 3 days, I've been searching vigorously. I didn't scold Awan. I know it was such an innocent act *can't imagine how I would react if my siblings were the one that did that, haa.. 
But I was sulking with Awan, yes. 

After those 3 days of searching, I picked up my mechanical pencil in my pencil case, and there you go : little arrow to the right. So safe and sound. Hmph.


Last night, my mom complained to me. Awan ate my mom's dinner on the kitchen table while she was in her room. Hu. I brought back Prosperity Burger *her current favorite to replace it. I guess Awan was super hungry because we went home late and that was my mistake. Awan is supposed to be under my supervision. My responsibility. 


Tough up Reen! 
Awan, overly pampered :

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