I slept at 4am last night because I was trying to finish up
my current wooden mirror order.
The wooden mirror is quite large and it will usually take 
about 3-5 days to complete.
And now I can't work efficiently because I feel very sleepy.
But today is FRIDAY :D


Yesterday I went to a meeting with my boss and a client.
I had a chance to drink an overpriced hot chocolate with milk foam
and eat overpriced cheese hotdog pastry.

Several years ago I decided this :

I want to be rich until I don't mind buying
an overpriced coffee every single day.
That's good enough for me.

So I'm working head over heels towards this.


It's either Oprah or daily overpriced coffee.

4 comments on "Sleepy.Head.Me"
  1. Don't work too hard to be rich until you lose every love and happiness in life ya! ;) Take care sis!

  2. Your blog is so lovely!


  3. what do you mean, oprah? to be featured in her shows? wow that's a big dream :O