It's been quite some time since the time I said I'll share my technique (to some people). So this post is on this topic. I'll share my secrets to you, okay?

Material :
Any suitable surface to doodle
Permanent Marker (I personally love Faber Castell Multimark permanent marker)
Acrylic paint or fabric dye (for base coloring - give you a smooth surface to doodle)
Clear spray (just in case water spilled on your artwork!)

Ps - You don't have to create outlines using pencil first then do the inking. You can just doodle using the permanent pen. No worries. Practices make perfectto~*

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  1. hey! thank you for sharing! ;)

    *sambil simpan azam nak buat sama after grad* ;)

  2. faber castell woo not cheap,
    tp faber castell ade mata kecik ke? untk detail nnt

  3. faber castell tu ade 2 size, M & S. boleh la tu utk detail part :)

  4. hi. i'm new. we use the acrylic paint direct from the tube is it? tak payah campur air. clear spray u cakap tu, mcm varnish ke?

  5. Yeap, tak pyh campur air. Sbb nnt kene buat several layers pun, utk bagi surface tu selesa diukis (depends on the material).
    And yes, clear spray fungsi mcm gune varnish jugak :)

  6. u pakai clear spray brand pe? xde photonya....

  7. Hmm.. mcm2 dah try, skrg guna Dove..

  8. Love your work !

    btw, I've linked your blog :)