drawing 1

I need a lot of practice on human figure. So, i drew this when I was at work. (-.-) Ah well, all this time I've been drawing manga, so it's a little bit hard for me. :p Ganbatte~

3 comments on "drawing 1"
  1. i know this picca..hehe...
    realy loving it..nice stroke..
    work harder and ull become a professional..

  2. azreen..knape carte blanche dah ade paswod..im one of yr follower since last sem(-: i know yr blog from yr fren..ijan.i hope u dont mind,im trying to improve my english thru reading n yr blog are helpful.

  3. huhuhu i hear ya. susah sket nak get used to un-manga-fying drawings kan? my initial drawings were very much manga-inspired, skrg baru starting to get more realistic. :\